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Trailblazing Canvassers

A 25-year-old canvassing firm that has successfully qualified over 75 measures in 18 different states. Our business model is unique and earns reliable results in an industry with a history of shaky practices and outcomes. By offering our field staff a high hourly pay and intensive direct management, anchored with an extremely meticulous validity department, we are able to offer you the most reliable and accurate canvassing service in the nation.

Services Offered

• Door to Door Direct Voter Contact •

• Signature Gathering/Petition Services •

• Opposition Oversight •

• Voter Registration •

• Visibility •

• Volunteer Recruitment •

• Member Organization Home Visits •

• Collect Polling Data 

Direct Voter Contact is a winning strategy

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to accurately connect with people, Face-to-Face contact is a common tool of any serious political effort. It is an extremely versatile and powerful contact that allows you to not only target your most needed audience, but also to gather vital opinion data, build a brand, deliver product, and persuade while creating a committed base.

You have questions and we have answers!

How much does it cost to qualify a ballot measure in your state? How much time do you really need to gather the petition signatures? How much does it cost to visit your targeted audience at their home? How fast can you knock on 20,000 doors? What ways can you engage with someone while you’re on their door step?